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Joseph Haulage Transport Services

Joseph Haulage Canada Corp. has established itself as a leader in the Southern Ontario corridor for the transportation of bulk materials and solid waste. Our customers rely on our fleet of well-maintained dump trailers, tri-axles, pony pups, flatbeds, tankers, walking-floors and live-bottoms for the safe transport of sand, gravel, salt, glass, bio-solids, compost, various construction materials, soil and much more. Joseph Haulage is a trusted carrier with annual supply contracts for asphalt and concrete plants. We transport a variety of steel-making products (eg. coke) and haul generated waste (eg. filter cake, oxide) for Canadian and American steel mills.

With waste permits/licenses for New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Joseph Haulage is a proven and certified partner for the transport of municipal trash, contaminated soils and industrial solid waste to approved landfill facilities. We are an authorized carrier of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, licensed in 48 states and registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Joseph Haulage tanker division hauls various liquid products like asphalt, bunker, cut-back and emulsions.

Joseph Haulage also provides sand & gravel supply services; excavation, backfilling, demolition and float services; plus contaminated soil disposal. Our 200 units are available 24 hours a day, every day to work by the hour or by the ton. 

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Dump trailers, tri-axles, pony pups and live-bottoms for the transportation of:

  • sand
  • gravel
  • salt
  • glass
  • bio-solids
  • compost
  • construction materials
  • soil
  • hazardous & non-hazardous waste solids
  • demolition material
  • asphalt


Flatbeds for the transportation of:

  • steel coils
  • flat bar
  • equipment
  • lumber
  • drywall
  • shingles

Walking-floors for the transportation of:

  • municipal solid waste
  • compost
  • demolition material
  • wood chips
  • recyclables
  • paper, pulp & mulch

Tankers for the transportation of:

  • liquid asphalt
  • flux
  • bunker
  • cut-back
  • emulsions
  • hazardous liquids
  • liquid waste